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22 Oct 2022 | 22:09

I’m thinking about making my gallery page as so that I would be able to add images from my phone. Right now it’s possible but bit hacky way of doing things.

website ideas

27 Sep 2022 | 16:08

I’m thinking about making a page where I’ll list down all the software I use. It would be like a live blog post. I’ll update as necessary.


12 Aug 2022 | 00:39

Right now this website probably has zero viewers, I am thinking about adding this to some webrings so that It gets some traffic.


12 Aug 2022 | 00:34

Right now I use dropbox to sync my obsidian notes. It is not perfect but it is okay and works very well. But I am thinking if switiching to github for storage of my all notes would be a good idea. I think yes, beacuse git is very good at small text files or images. Maybe I would move to it someday. This microblog already lives on github so why not all my personal notes?


26 Jul 2022 | 17:17

I am still thinking if each status would be each own page or I should keep everything in one page.

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