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06 Aug 2023 | 23:24

I don’t think Google’s new encrypted chat standard will get adopted, Unless there’s govt regulation. The network effect is the only thing that makes a chat app good or bad. You don’t open a chat app just because. You open to talk with your friends.


02 Aug 2023 | 10:26

“The new atheists share with the religious fundamentalists the belief that their way of seeing the world is the only way there is. Now science is a valid way of seeing the universe, religion is a valid way of seeing the universe and they have the difference between prose and poetry. So anyone who thinks only prose exists or we only need poetry is a fundamentalist because they fail to understand the many ways in which we have to interpret the universe in order to live a meaningful life.”

Source: Found this on my notepad



01 Aug 2023 | 08:17

Iron golems proposing to villager is cutest thing ever.


31 Jul 2023 | 17:31

I fucking got mending book in Minecraft. And a villager who’ll sell lots of mending books.


29 Jul 2023 | 19:21

Damn I missed the birthday of this website. 26th July. Happy late birthday. Completed one fucking year, hard to believe.


29 Jul 2023 | 19:20

I tamed a cat in Minecraft. 🐈. Meow. Need one more to start breeding.


18 Jul 2023 | 19:01

I did so many things in minecraft today. Made an automatic skeleton farm with spawner. Got bone meal from that and growing potatoes. I’ll never be hungry ever again.


18 Jul 2023 | 14:48

Learning how to give good prompt in AI chatbot is basically learning how to talk to AI


18 Jul 2023 | 14:05

This website is reaching one year of it’s age. Damn. This is the only website who’s theme I didn’t change. Although I might ;)


14 Jul 2023 | 23:56

β€œTo wait. In our lives, we know joy, anger, sorrow, and a hundred other emotions, but these emotions all together occupy a bare one percent of our time. The remaining ninety-nine percent is just living in waiting. I wait in momentary expectation, feeling as though my breasts are being crushed, for the sound in the corridor of the footsteps of happiness. Empty. Oh, life is too painful, the reality that confirms the universal belief that it is best not to be born.”

Source: The Setting Sun, Osamu Dazai



13 Jul 2023 | 23:06

I definitely should make a Hugo theme based on my status website and publish it. It’s too good to keep it all for myself.


13 Jul 2023 | 23:03

I need one fucking more diamond to make an enchanting table πŸ™‚


12 Jul 2023 | 06:26

I was so addicted to Minecraft last night that literally dreamt of drinking water from minecraft fountain


10 Jul 2023 | 00:47

I’m now reading the author’s biography and it’s making me more sad than the book did.


10 Jul 2023 | 00:33

Finished the book “No longer Human”, didn’t make me cry but it’s depressing to say the least.


08 Jul 2023 | 23:59

Only two things you need nowadays.

09 Jul 2023 at 00:00

06 Jul 2023 | 01:02

I want to revamp my webring, so it doesn’t use any Js.


02 Jul 2023 | 01:07

New blog post: The Hyprland Experience. Also blog website got a redesign.



28 Jun 2023 | 21:27

It’s weird to see grown-ups talk about their imaginary friend.


25 Jun 2023 | 13:50

Launched my own webring. Name Indian Webring. Join if you match the criteria.


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